About iFinance Solutions


About Us

iFinance Solutions Is A Financial Planning Boutique, Established In 2009, Managed By Kommajousla Anil Kumar, Having 21 Years Of Senior Management Experience In The Financial Services In Fields Like Wealth Management, Personal Financial Management & Mortgages.

The Entire Team Consists Of Professionals With Over 100 Years+ Of Experience In Handling All The Products Lines Of iFinance Solutions!


To Evaluate, Create And Maximize Personal Wealth Of Families Under One Roof So That Personal Life Goes On In An Automated Way!!!

The Ideology

Imagine A Person Joining A Government Job 15-20 Years Ago, Usually Had A Good Back Up Of Fixed Income, Fixed Expenses, Group Insurance, Retirement Planning, Health Insurance, & Subsidized Facilities, Even Though There Was Neither Plastic Money Nor Loans Easily Available Like Today…

With Increased Incomes & Nobody Questioning Us (Being Very Successful Than Any Of Our Family Members!) Our Focus Is More On Lifestyle & Higher Expenses, Leading To Our Ignoring High Amount Of Taxes Paid, Or Avoiding Necessary Investments At Right Time Or Badly Structured Investments That Increases Our Liquidity Issues.

Result: We Avoid Anything Related To Personal Finance Or Postpone That For Later In Life!

The Idea..

With Most Of Us In An Ever Changing Private Sector Jobs And Fast Changing Environment & Costs … … Are We Really In A Similar Kind Of Financial Stability Or Backups Like That In The Past? We Are Not Able To Grow Our Personal Finance With The Similar Pace As We Grow In Our Professional Goals Till Some Time

iFinance Solutions Helps Your Personal Finances To Grow And Your Personal Goals Achieved While You Concentrate On Professional Goals …

What Do we do?   

We are a Financial Planning Boutique offering 360° advisory on Personal Finance after consolidation, review & restructuring of Portfolio of Financial Products with the help of:

Tax Planning

Investment Planning

Risk Planning

Retirement Planning

Wills, Estate & Trust Planning

Debt Restructuring


Comprehensive Planning & Management Of

Mutual Funds Portfolio

Equity Portfolio

Real Estate Portfolio

Fixed Income Portfolio

Complete Insurance Portfolio

Loan Portfolio

Legal Entities Portfolio Like HUF, Trust etc